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Discover the darker side to London’s history…

Discover the darker side to London’s history…

Not for the faint hearted!

Not for the faint hearted!

An Experience like no other! London’s best Interactive and immersive tour will take you on a journey through time you will not forget!

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What happens on the tour?

Prepare yourself for this experience!

You will be met at the entrance of the George Inn by a figure from history in full costume. They will guide you and your fellow travellers on a tour that will dive into the dark, disgusting and horrible side of London’s history.

After the tour you will be led back to the George Inn, where in it’s beautifully historic setting two actors will recreate a true story of murder and revenge in the very room in happened 300 years ago!

Where does it start?

The tour begins at The George Inn, one of London’s oldest and most well preserved pubs. The guide will be waiting for you at the entrance, look for someone in costume, failing that look for someone in a ridiculous/fabulous hat by our sign.

Do i need to bring anything?

Aside from courage and a strong stomach, not really. Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather and bring an umbrella if it is set to rain. We want you to die of fright and disgust, not hypothermia.

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News & Updates


BBC Radio London

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While we were at the fringe we were interviewed by the wonderful and friendly Jason Rosam on BBC Radio London. If you'd like to hear our interview listen for us at 45:50



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The Fringe!!!


"Interesting, entertaining, and bloody good fun."

Three Weeks


From the 3rd - 18th August we were running a special version of the tour specifically for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It will had everything that you would expect from one of our tours. No holes barred, no stomach left un-turned, no romantic notion left un-devastated.

We explored the realities of Edinburgh life, what it meant to be one of the common folk of scotland, how the clans fit into society, all the while ruining any happy notions you may have of this beautiful city, and just when you think things couldn't get any worse, there in began the show